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Newly Developed Accounting Program for all Businesses
I am Akin Oladele. I am an ICT Expert. I specialized in Website Design, Android Mobile App Development, Graphics Design, ICT Training, ICT Consultancy Services, also  an Anchor of ICTonRadioTV etc
I want to introduce you to a Digital/Online accounting software made for all businesses, companies, schools and establishments. Easy way to manage your  business account securely online. Online accounting that is powerful, easy to use and secure without the complicated clutter.
It gives you a complete view of your business. Helping you to focus on what's most important. From the moment you login, you can immediately see where you stand; who owes you money, who you owe money to and what your cashflow is.
As the CEO, you can access a daily report of your establishment's account securely from anywhere you are in the world
- You can track your income and expenses at real time.
- You can payment and invoice alert to clients or customers
- Manage your customer and vendors transaction and details real time.
- Track your turnover, assets and liabilities. Handle your payroll seamlessly.
- Have your money outside ( Account receivable) documented easily for debt recovery.
- Handle your sales of items and services professionally.
- Generate business analytics report like the best and worst items and services, your customer statement and sales track record for business forecast etc.
The Good News
- You can get it running without being an accountant
- You need a PC or a Smartphone with internet data & a personnel that can read and write with proficiency in the use of Smartphone or PC
Get this service with one time payment of N30,000 as Setup Fee + Free Website, Mobile App and Free Staff Training on how to use the platform

Yours faithfully, 
Akin Oladele



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